User behavior in social and digital media

I extended the contextual scope of my research from virtual worlds and young people towards other social media services within my Academy of Finland funded project “Digital Engagement: Uncovering the Customer Value of Social Media” (2012-2015). The overarching theme of the project was to better understand how people create value from their social media usage for themselves as well for others and what the nature of this value is.

Over the course of this research project I have become increasingly aware that the sources of value that drive behavior can also be socio-psychologically questionable. As a result, I have become interested in the negative side of social media. Within this line of inquiry I have examined the concepts of voyeurism and exhibitionism related to social networking site use. On the positive side, I have investigated relationship attachment and subjective well-being.

My research activities in the area of social media also cover how knowledge workers use of enterprise social networking platforms and continuance of professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

As a big consumer of music myself, I also have a professional interest in the music business. For example, With my colleague Najmul Islam we have examined the gratifications explaining why people use music streaming services such as Spotify.

Selected publications

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