Business ecosystems from empirical and conceptual perspectives

I am interested complex, multi-actor business networks such as business ecosystems. With Sami Hyrynsalmi and Arho Suominen, we have examined   application developers’ multi-homing strategies in mobile application ecosystems. Link to the paper here

In addition, I have examined business ecosystems from a more conceptual vantage point.  We have compared business ecosystems with other concepts used to describe business networks to make sense of the features that characterise business ecosystems. Link to the paper here

Hyrynsalmi, Sami, Suominen, Arho & Mäntymäki, Matti (2016), “The Influence of Developer Multi-Homing on Competition between Software Ecosystems,” Journal of Systems and Software Vol. 111, January, pp. 119-127.

Mäntymäki, Matti., & Salmela, Hannu. (2017). In search for the core of the business ecosystem concept: a conceptual comparison of business ecosystem. In 9th International Workshop on Software Ecosystems (IWSECO 2017) (p. 103).