In my research, I try to understand how digital technologies affect people’s lives. My research interests lie in the behavioral and socio-psychological aspects of information and communications technology. 

I have for example examined to what extent voyeurism and exhibitionism drive people’s Facebook use (Mäntymäki & Islam 2016), what uses of an enterprise social media platform create value for employees (Mäntymäki & Riemer 2016), or why do people use online music streaming services such as Spotify (Mäntymäki & Islam 2015). As for my latest research, I have studied e.g.  the role of digital platforms in shifting the dynamics of physical work (Mäntymäki, Baiyere & Islam 2019), the use of analytics in small and medium-sized game companies (Mäntymäki, Hyrynsalmi & Koskenvoima 2019), the splits of blockchains (Islam, Mäntymäki & Turunen 2019), and regret on social networking sites (Islam, Mäntymäki & Kefi 2019). For more detailed information about my publications, you can see my publications page.

I started my research work by looking into young people in virtual worlds. In my doctoral dissertation titled ‘Continuous use and purchasing behaviour in social virtual worlds’ I tried to make some sense of why young people spend time and money in social interaction-oriented virtual world platforms. The research stream has resulted in several studies examining user engagement in social virtual worlds (Mäntymäki & Salo 2011; Mäntymäki & Riemer 2014; Mäntymäki & Islam 2014) as well as purchase behavior in these environments (Mäntymäki & Salo 2013; 2015).

As my background is in information systems (IS) I try to understand how design and features of  digital artefacts contribute to their positive and negative effect for users and other stakeholders.

The following keywords describe my research interests

  • Freemium
  • Blockchain
  • Digital economy
  • Social media
  • Dark side of social media
  • Online consumer behavior
  • Digital natives
  • Virtual consumption
  • Virtual worlds
  • Business ecosystems
  • Hedonic IT
  • Facebook
  • Big data
  • Artificial intelligence