My current main teaching engagements relate to supervising master’s and doctoral students. I am also actively engaged in executive education at Turku School of Economics. In addition to my home base, I have given teaching at University of Oulu, Aalto School of Business and University of Tampere.

The list below describes my main teaching activities.

Masters’s thesis seminar in information systems (2012-)

I supervise students with their theses and co-ordinate the seminar. Supervising students is a great learning opportunity and source of ideas. Recently I was fortunate to help a Mr. Antti Koskenvoima refine the key results of his master’s thesis on game analytics to an awarded publication discussing how small and medium-sized game companies utilize analytics.

Doing research on social media (Autumn semester 2015), University of Oulu

An intensive course for master’s and PhD students focusing on reserach opportunities and challenges around social media. I designed the content of the course and gave the teaching.

Enteprise resource planning (2011-2012)

The ERP course at Turku School of Economics consists of three modules, lectures and exam, hands-on excersizes with SAP ERP, and Real Game business process simulation. The attendance is 100-120 students.

I co-ordinated the course and was responsible for the lectures.

Enterprise resource planning, fundamentals of SAP ERP (2007−2009)

The SAP is a module of the enterprise resource planning course at Turku School of Econonmics. The key content of the SAP module is to give the students an overview of the key functionalities of SAP ERP. The SAP module consists of a hands-on exercise simulating the end-to-end delivery process. The attendance is about 100-120 students divided into five groups.

Team working and business skills (Spring semester 2010, autumn semester 2010)

The course is an introduction to the ways of working at Turku School of Economics and working as a member of team in solving problems. The course is mandatory for all first-year students at Turku School of Economics. The group I was responsible for consisted of ca. 25 students.

I have acted as a coach for four student teams. I have been responsible for organizing the schedule of the course, supervising the course assignments in collaboration with the companies partnering the course.

Management of ICT infrastructure, exercises (Spring semester 2011)

I was responsible for organizing and marking the students’ assignments. The exercise module of the course was organized as a virtual component on Moodle. The attendance is about 15 students.