In my reserach, I try to understand how digital technologies affect people’s lives. My research interests lie in the behavioral and socio-psychological aspects of information and communications technology.  I have for example examined to what extent voyeurism and exhibitionism drive people’s Facebook use, what uses of an enterprise social media platform create value for employees, or why do people use online music streaming services such as Spotify.

I started my research from young people and virtual worlds.  In my doctoral dissertation titled ‘Continuous use and purchasing behaviour in social virtual worlds’ I tried to make some sense of why young people spend time and money in social interaction-oriented virtual world platforms.

As my background is in information systems (IS) I try to understand how design and features of  digital artefacts contribute to their positive and negative effect for users and other stakeholders.

The following keywords describe my research interests

  • Digital natives
  • Virtual worlds
  • Social media
  • Social networking sites
  • Dark side of social media
  • Facebook
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism
  • Online music streaming
  • Freemium business model
  • Software ecosystems
  • Software business models
  • Consumer use of ICT
  • Hedonic ICT
  • Virtual consumption
  • Virtual products